Lisa Urban - The Knitting Artist - is an artist and knitter living in Bryan, TX.  Born and raised in Kansas, she relocated to Texas in 2014 to participate in an artist program and then never left!

Lisa's artwork is all about the moods and feelings we get when we think about our memories.  What once began as imaginary knitted landscapes based on the cartoons of her childhood has since evolved into more complex water-scapes that speak directly about how our subconscious keeps and remembers things.  Recently she has also begun to experiement with knitted installations involving handknit items and light.

When she isn't creating, Lisa's "day-job" is the 6th-12th grade art teacher at St. Joseph Catholic School in Bryan, TX.  

You can learn more about her artwork by clicking on the artist website link above. 

You can learn more about her dyeing journey by visiting her youtube page.